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Glossary of Abbreviations

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GGlycine (amino acid)
G Guanine(nucleic acid component)
G When followed by a number, a chromatographic phase
G Gewehr (firearm; usually a rifle)
G-6-PDH Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase
G6PDGlucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase
GAUS designation for Tabun; Ethyl diethylamidocyanophosphate
GAAPGenerally accepted accounting principles
GAAPGenerally accepted accounting practices
GABAGamma-aminobutyric acid
Gal-1-PUT Galactose-1-Phosphate Uridyl Transferase
GALCITGuggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory, California Inst. of Technology
GALPGood automated laboratory procedure
GAMAGas Appliance Manufacturers Association
GAO General Accounting Office (US)
GAP Glycidyl Azide polymer
GBUS designation for Sarin; O,O-di-isopropyl methanefluorophosphonate
GBGall Bladder
GCGonoCoccus (Neisseria gonorrheae)
GC-MS Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry
GCGas Chromatograhy
GCA Gun Control Act (of 1968) (US)
GCPGood Clinical Practice
GCR Gray Component Replacement (color printing technique)
GCR Group Code Recording (magnetic tape, some disks)
GDChem. warfare symbol for Soman
GDFGeographic data format
GDPGross Domestic Product
GDPGood Distribution Practice (UK, pharmaceuticals)
GEGeneral Electric Co.
GEMSGlobal Environmental Monitoring System
GenTGGentechnikgesetz /Biotechnology Act
GenTSVGentechnikverfahrensordnung/Biotech. Procedures Regulation
GEOLISGeographisches Landinformationssystem (IBM)
GFGel filtration
GFAAS Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
GFCIGround Fault Circuit Interrupter
GFPGreen fluorescent protein
GGGrundgesetz/ Constitution
GGTGamma-glutamyl transferase
GGTPGamma-Glutamyl TransPeptidase
GGV Gefährgutverordnung
GHGrowth Hormone
GHSVGas hourly space velocity
GIU. S. soldier (especially World War II)
GIGesellschaft für Informatik
GIGovernment Issue
GIAPGraphisch interaktiver Arbeitsplatz
GIATGroupement Industriel des Armaments Terrestres
GIDEPGovernment-Industry Data Exchange Program
GIE Groupement d'Interet Economique
GIGOGarbage In, Garbage Out
GLA Gamma carboxyglutamic Acid
GLAGeologisches Landesamt
GLC Gas-Liquid Chromatography
Gln Glutamine
GLP Good Laboratory Practice (may have limited application)
Gly Glycine
GMAGrocery Manufacturers of America
GMISGas Manufacturers Intermediate Standard
GMOGenetically modified organism(s)s
GMP Good Manufacturing Practice (pharmaceuticals)
GMTGreenwich mean time (now UTC)
GnA Gnadenheft
GNGGesundheitsneuordnungsgesetz / Act on Reorg. of Central Health Inst's.
GOAeGebührenordnung für Artzte
GOCOGovernment-Owned Contractor-Operated
GOTGlutamate-Oxalate Transaminase
GOXGlyphosate oxidoreductase
GPGeneral practitioner
GPA Grade Point Average
GPCRG-protein-couple receptors
GPIaGeneric Pharmaceutical Industry Association
GPIBGeneral purpose interface bus
GPL General population limit
GPL Graphic Programming Language
GPO Government Printing Office (USA)
GPT Glutamate-Pyruvate Transaminase
GPx Glucathione periodidase
GQM Gain quotidien moyen(see ADG)
GRASGenerally Recognized As Safe
GRASSGeographical Resources Analysis Support System
GRIDGlobal Resource Information Database
GSC Gas-Solid Chromatography
GSHGlutathione (reduced)
GSLGeneral Sale List medicine (UK)
GSMGroupe Special Mobile
GSRGun-Shot Residue
GSRGalvanic Skin Resistance
GSSGGlutathione (oxidized)
GSTGlutathione S-transferase
GTAWGas tungsten arc welding
GTE General Telephone and Electronics (but usually GTE)
GTG Giemsa banding technique
GTT Glucose Tolerance Test
GTUGesellschaft für Technologie- und Umweltschutzberatung
GTZGesellschaft für technische Zusammenarbeit
GUI Graphic(al) Users Interface(computer)
GÜNGewässerüberwachungssystem Niedersachsen
GÜSGewässerguteüberwachungssystem (NRW)
GUSGlucuronidase (designation of gene)
GVD Group Velocity Dispersion
GVPGesundheits Verträglichkeitsprüfung
GVW Gross Vehicle Weight
GYN Gynecology, gynecologic

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