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German to English Scientific/technical material, with the specialties listed below. Clicking on any of the links will take you to detailed articles on these subjects. The articles are intended to assist other translators but may be useful to anyone with a need to understand the specialized terminology of these fields.

Chemistry and Related Subjects





Optical microscopy  

Firearms and Ammunition  

Academic Training  

B. S., Chemistry and mathematics, York College, York NE, 1950
M. S., Chemistry, University of Nebraska, Lincoln NE, 1953
         Thesis: Lipids of a thermophilic bacterium
Ph. D., Chemistry; graduate minor in bacteriology
          University of Nebraska, Lincoln NE, 1955
          Thesis: Preparation and properties of a pyrophosphatase

Various individual courses, lecture series, etc., including:

Magnetic resonance spectrometry
Gas chromatography
Clean room operation
Computers and data processing
Forensic microscopy
Chemical hazards and explosions
University of Colorado
Varian Associates
Rochester Institute of Technology
Society for Applied Spectroscopy
UCLA, UC Irvine CA  (4 courses

Translation Experience


Translations for Walter Reed Army Institute of Research as part of a
US Army Reserve Research and Development Unit project.

Part-time translation for various translation companies

Closed testing laboratory and shifted to full-time translation.
Translation Facilities


IBM-compatible computers; printers; scanners

Windows XP, Windows 7, Word 2003, Word 2007

Extensive technical library in English; many bilingual dictionaries and other references

Accredited by American Translators Association: German to English

Industrial Experience


Closed Dyer Laboratories, Inc.
President, Dyer Laboratories, Inc.
Scientific/technical translation (German to English).
President, Dyer Laboratories, Inc.
Consulting: chemistry; laboratory quality assurance
Laboratory testing: optical microscopic examinations and analyses (identification of particles, fibers, dusts, etc.); particle size analysis; photomicrography; testing for asbestos in building materials and solid wastes. Closed testing laboratory, 1990. Scientific/technical translation (German to English)


Shankman Laboratories, Inc., Los Angeles CA

1984-88: Quality Assurance

1975-84: Marketing Director

Shankman Laboratories was an independent testing laboratory specializing in chemical and microbiological tests and analyses for pharmaceuticals, food supplements and foods. During the late 1980s the laboratory began analysis of solid wastes and wastewater.
Senior Lecturer in Biological Sciences, University of Southern California, Los Angeles CA

Taught evening courses in biology and biochemistry
Northrop Corporate Laboratories, Hawthorne CA

1964-67: Applied research and development on mass culture of marine algae, including design of culture systems with their instrumentation and controls.

1967-69: Applied research and development on systems for rapid detection and identification of bacteria. Some electrometric measurements; primarily fluorescence microscopy with specially developed video systems.
Assistant Research Scientist, Life Sciences Dept., Martin-Marietta, Denver CO.

Applied research on long-term life support systems, especially mass culture of green and blue-green algae, including design of small and large culture systems and their instrumentation and control subsystems.
Chemist, Biochemical Research Department, The Dow Chemical Company, Midland, MI.

Various projects, especially examination of physical-chemical interactions of surface-active agents with germicides and investigation of potential commercial applications of an enzyme.

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Professional and Technical Societies

American Academy of Forensic Sciences, General Section (through 1998)

American Chemical Society

Southern California Section
American Institute of Chemists (Fellow) (through 1998)

American Society for Microbiology (through 1997)

American Society for Quality (through 1997)
Biomedical Division
Food, Drug and Cosmetic Division
ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) (through 1999)

American Translators Association

Association of Official Analytical Chemists (through 1995)

Consulting Chemists Association (Southern California; through 1996; past president)

Society for Industrial Microbiology (through 1996)

Publications, Reports, Patents

A review of detergent-germicide interactions

Soap and Chemical Specialties 34 (12): 53 (1958)
The effect of pH on solubilization of weak acids and bases
Journal of Colloid Science 14:640(1959)
Fate of 2,2-dichloropropionic acid (Dalapon) in the cotton plant (with G. N. Smith)
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 9:155(1961)
Some characteristics of a thermophilic blue-green alga (with R. D. Gafford)
Science 134:616(1961)
The use of Synechococcus lividus in photosynthetic gas exchangers (with R. D. Gafford)
Developments in Industrial Microbiology 3:87(1962)
Materials of construction in algal culture (with D. E. Richardson)
Applied Microbiology 19:129(1962)
Regeneration: Chemical or Biological?
Proceedings of the XIIth International Astronautical Congress, Washington DC, 1961; p. 501 (Academic Press, New York, 1963)
Development of a balanced stock concentrate for algal medium (with S. Wildman)
Developments in Industrial Microbiology 5:365(1964)
Design, fabrication and test of a solar-illuminated photosynthetic gas exchanger (POISE II) (with D. E. Richardson, R. P. Vandenberg, and R. D. Gafford)
Final report, Contract AF41(609)1606, Martin-Marietta, 1963; AMD-CR-63-9 (1963) A solar-illuminated algal photosynthetic exchanger (with R. L. Miller, D. W. Smith, C. H. Ward and R. D. Gafford) SAM-TDR-68-66 (1968)Evaluation of certain marine algal flagellates for mass culture (with R. W. Eppley and F. M. MaciasR).
Evaluation of certain marine algal flagellates for mass culture (with R. W. Eppley and F. M. MaciasR)
Final report, Contract AF41(609)1608, Northrop, 1964; SAM-TDR-64-63 (1963)
Predicting production in light-limited continuous cultures of algae (with R. W. Eppley)
Applied Microbiology 13:833(1965)
Bacterial warfare detection study (with W. L. Scaff, Jr., K. Mori and R. T. Bell)
Final report, Contract DA-18064-AMC-486(A), Northrop, 1967
Fluorescent europium chelate stain (with W. L. Scaff, Jr., and K. Mori)
Journal of Bacteriology 98:246(1969)
Fluorescent nuclear staining with europium thenoyltrifluoroacetylacetonate (with K. Mori)
Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry 17:755(1969)
Microbiological detection and identification system
U. S. Patent 3,551,295 (1970)
Vidicon microscope for counting fluorescent particles (with C. H. Fuller)
Review of Scientific Instruments 42:508(1971)
Optical limits in TV microscopy
Research/Development 24 (September):40(1973)
Evidence from muzzle-loading firearms
Presented, American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Annual Meeting, 1980
Spirulina testing: a microscopic view
Health Foods Retailing 46 (January):94(1982)
Chemical analysis: spectrometry
Presented, 36th Annual Conference, American Translators Association; Proceedings, 293-301(1995)
Guns and ammo: terminology
Presented, 36th Annual Conference, American Translators Association; Proceedings, 303-312(1995)
Optical microscopy
Presented, 37th Annual Conference, American Translators Association; Proceedings, 269-278 (1996)
Beginning in Microbiology
ATA 'Chronicle', 28(9) 55 (1999)
Microbiology 101
Presented, 40th Annual Conference, American Translators Association; Proceedings, 175-184 (1999).

Laboratory Testing of Pharmaceuticals
Presented, 42nd Annual conference, American Translators Association;
Proceedings, 255-266 (2001).

Presented, 44th Annual Conference, American Translators Associtation;
Prceedings, 175-184 (2003).

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