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Glossary of Abbreviations

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qQuartet (spectroscopy)
QGlutamine (amino acid)
QAQuantitative Analysis
QA Quality Assurance
QAQualitative Analysis
QAC Quaternary Ammonium Compound
QBA Quadrilateral Ballistics Agreement (US, UK, Germany, Italy)
QCQuality Control
QFP Quad Flat Pack
QFQ Q banding technique
QNS Quantity Not Sufficient(for testing, analysis)
QPQualified Person(s)(UK, pharmaceuticals)
QPSKQuadrature phase shift keying
QSRQuality System Regulations
QTMQuick-Turnaround Method
QWIPQuantum well infrared photodetector
RAn alkyl group (organic chemistry)
RArginine (amino acid)
R&D Research and Development
RARheumatoid factor
RACERapid amplification of cDNA ends (molecular genetics)
RAIURadioActive Iodine Uptake
RALPH Rapidly Adampting Lateral Position Handler (robot chauffeur)
RAMRandom-Access Memory
RAPDRandom amplified polymorphic DNA
RARPReverse Address Resolution Protocol (Internet)
RASTRadioAllergoSorbent Test
RATARelative Accuracy Test Audit
RATTRadio teletype
RBRegionalbahn; local train
RBBRRemazol Brilliant Blue R
RBC Red Blood Cells (or Count)
RCBSUS manufacturer of ammunition reloading equipment
RCGPRoyal College of General Practitioners (UK)
RCPRoyal College of Physicians (UK)
RCRAResource Conservation Recovery Act (USA)
RDA Recommended Daily Allowance (vitamins, minerals)
RDS-TMCRadio Data System with Traffic Message Channel
RdWRecht der Wirtschaft(Austria)
RDX Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine (Hexogen, T4, Cyclonite)(explosive)
RERegional Express; rapid train between cities
RERestriction endonuclease
REACHRegistration, Evaluation & Authorization of Chemicals (EU) (proposed)
REITReal Estate Investment Trust
RELRecommended Exposure Limit (US NIOSH)
REMRapid Eye Movement
REMFNon-combat soldier (Rear Echelon Mother-F_____)
RFResponse Factor
RFRetention Factor
RFCRequest for Comments (Internet)
RFI Radio Frequency Interference
RFLPRestriction fragment length polymorphism (genetic engineering)
RFNARed Fuming Nitric Acid
RFP Request for Proposal
RFQ Request for Quote (or Quotation)
RGMResearch Gas Mixture
Rh'Rhesus' blood factor (use Rh in English)
RH Relative humidity
RHA Rolled Homogeneous Armor
RIA RadioImmunoAssay
RID Reglement international concernant le transport des marchandises
RIMSResonance ionization mass spectrometry
RISCReduced Instruction Set Computer
RISHRadioactive in situ hybridization
RIT Rochester Institute of Technology
RIURefractive index unit(s)
RKRadial Keratotomy
RLFPRestriction Fragment Length Polymorphism
RMS Root Mean Square
RNA RiboNucleic Acid
RoItalian WWI term: benzyl iodide and benzene
ROCEReturn on capital employed
ROI Return on investment
ROKRepublic of Korea(South Korea)
ROMRead-Only Memory
ROMRange of motion
RPResponsible Person(s)(UK, pharmaceuticals)
RPReverse-phase (usually applies to liquid chromatography)
RPR Rapid Plasma Reagin
RPSGBRoyal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
RPV Remotely piloted vehicle
rRNAribosomal RNA
RRRapid Rectilinear (old photographic lens design)
RSRolled Steel
RSRecommended Standard (e. g., RS232 serial communication)
RSReference Standard (used in USP)
RSC Reaction Safety Calorimeter
RSD Relative Standard Deviation
RTRoom temperature
RTReverse transcription (molecular genetics); reverse transcriptase
RT3UT3 Resin Uptake
RTD Resistance Temperature Detector
RTECS Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances
RTL Resistor-Transistor Logic
RTTYRadio teletype
RWS Rheinische-Westfalische Sprengstofffabrik

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