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Glossary of Abbreviations

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EGlutamic acid (amino acid)
EAAEthyl acetoacetate
EACAEpsilon-amino caproic acid
EADCEthylaluminum dichloride
EALCÉquivalent acide libre de ceftiofur(=CFAE)
EASCEthylaluminum sesquichloride
EBITDAearnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, amortization
EBSA4-ethylebenzenesulfonic acid
ECEnzyme Commission
ECEuroCity;Euro. international express; up to 200 kph
EC50Effective concentration for 50% of those exposed
ECC Endocervical cell collector
ECD Electrolytic conductivity detection
ECD Electron capture detection (detector) (GC)
ECDElectron Capture Detector (Gas chromatography)
ECG ElectroCardioGram (-Graph,-Graphy)
ECMExtracellular matrix
ECO Energy cut off (device)
ECTEOLAEpichlorohydrin triethanolamine
EDBEthylene dibromide(1,2-dibromoethane)
EDBSEinheitliche Datenbankschnittstelle
EDC (N-ethyl-N'-(3-dimethylaminopropyl)carbodiimide hydrochloride,
EDFAErbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier
EDOExtended data out (type of RAM)
EDSTPEndocrine disruptor screening & testing program (US EPA)
EDTAEthylenediamine Tetraacetic acid (ethylene dinitrilo tetraacetic acid)
EDXRF Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence
EEC European Economic Community
EEG ElectroEncepheloGram (-Graph, -Graphy)
EERIEarthquake Engineering Research Institute
EFM Electrostatic force (scanning) microscopy
EFP Explosively Formed Projectile
EFS Esophageal function studies
EG&Goriginally Edgerton, Germeshausen & Grier(company)
EGTAEthylene-bis(oxyethylenenitrilo)tetraacetic acid
EGTAEthylene glycol-bis-(beta-aminoethyl ether)-N,N,N',N'-tetracetic acid
EHD ElectroHydraulic Discharge
EHSEnvironmental health and safety
EIElectron Impact (ionization in mass spectrometer)
EIA Enzyme ImmunoAssay
EINECSEuropean Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances
EIS Executive Information System
EKC Electrokinetic Chromatography
EKGElectrocardiogram [Ger. Elektrokardiogramm]
ELExplosive Limits
ELF Extra low frequency
ELINCSEuropean List of New Chemical Substances
ELISA Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSpecific Assay
ELSDEvaporative light-scattering detector (for HPLC)
EMBLEuropean Molecular Biology Laboratory
EMEAEuropean Medicines Evaluation Agency
EMF Electromotive force
EMF Early maintenance feedback
EMG ElectroMyoGraphy
EMI Electromagnetic Interference
emim1-ethyl-3-methylimidazoliium (cation)
EMMCEnviromental Monitoring Management Council (US EPA)
EMSEthyl methanesulfonate
EMS/MFAGEmergency Medical Schedule/Medical First Aid Guide
EMT Emergency Medical Technician
EMUEuropean (economic and) Monetary Union
ENEuroNightEuropean international night train
enEthylenediamine (in coordination compounds)
ENA Extractable Nuclear Antigen
EOS Earth Observing System (NASA)
EPEuropean Patent
EPEuropean Pharmacopoeia
EP TOXToxicity Extraction Procedure (US EPA)
EPExtraction Procedure
EPEvoked Potentials
EPA (U. S.) Environmental Protection Agency
EPC Engin principal de combat
EPDMEthylene propylene diene monomer (rubber)
EPDMEthylene-propylene-diene monomer
EPFLEcole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne
EPO Erythropoietin
EPP (free) Erythrocyte ProtoPorphyrin
EPPSN-[2-hydroxyethyl]piperazine-N'-[3-propanesulfonic acid]
EPRElectron paramagnetic resonance (=ESR)
EPREthylene propylene rubber
EPRIElectrical Power Research Institute
EPSExpanded polystyrene
EPSExpandable polystyrene
EPS Earnings per share
EPSPS 5-enolpyruvylshikamate-3-phosphate synthetase
EREmergency Room
EREndoplasmic reticulum
ERAEqual Rights Amendment (USA, proposed)
ERA Explosive Reactive Armor
ERA Estrogen Receptor Assay
ERCPEndoscopic Retrograde CholangioPancreatography
ERDEExplosives Research & Development Establishment, Waltham Abbey, UK
ERSRElectronic Regulatory Submission and Review (US FDA)
ESEmbryonic stem (cells)
ESADDIEstimated safe and adequate daily dietary intake
ESBLExtended-spectrum beta-lactamase (antibiotic resistance factor)
ESCAElectron Scanning (for) Chemical Analysis
ESDElectrostatic discharge
ESI ElectroSpray Ionization (in Mass Spectrometry)
ESP Environmental Solutions Program (Univ. Texas)
ESR Electon spin resonance (=EPR)
ESR Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
ESRDEnd-stage renal disease
ESTRIElectronic standards for transmission of regulatory information
ESTRIElectronic Standards for the Transfer of Regulatory Information
EtBrEthidium bromide
ETHZEidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zurich
ETSIEuropean Telecommunications Standards Institute
EUEuropean Union
EUDRAEuropean commission for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
EUVExtreme ultraviolet
EVAEthylene-vinyl acetate copolymer
EWMAExponentially Weighted Moving Average
EWSDElektronisches Waehlsystem fuer Zeitmultiplexuebertragung . . .

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