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Technical Glossaries




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Optical Microscopy


Glossary of Abbreviations

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O/U Over/Under(arrangement of double barrels (shotgun))
O&P Ova and Parasites
OCOn centers (expressing distance between parts, for instance)
OCAPOut-of-Control Action Plan (quality assurance)
OCAWOil, Chemical & Atomic Workers (International Union)
OCBAo-Chlorobenzoic acid
OCBCo-Chlorobenzoyl chloride
OCPAo-Chlorophenylacetic acid
OCSCOptoelectronic Computing Systems Center (U of Colo. and Colo State U.)
ODOptical Density (= Absorbance in chemical spectrophotometry)
ODOcula dextra
ODOlive Drab (color commonly used for US Army equipment and clothing)
ODOutside Diameter
ODP Ozone Depleting[damaging/degrading] Potential
OECDOrganization for Economic Cooperation and Development3
OELOperational exposure limit
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OES Optical emission spectrometry
OFC Optical Fiber Conference
OGTTOral Glucose Tolerance Test
OHAOral hypoglycemic agent
OHL Overhung Load
OHSMS Occupational Health and Safety Management System(s)
OIT Office of Industrial Technologies(US Dept. of Energy)
OIT Oxidation Induction Time
OITDAOptoelectronic Industry and Technology Development Ass'n. (Japan)
OLE Object Linking and Embedding (Microsoft Windows feature)
OMA Optical Multichannel Analyzer
OMB Office of Management and Budget (USA)
OMS Organisation Mondiale de la Santé
ONR Office of Naval Research (USA)
OOSOut of specification
OPAOOpen Air-Over (electric motor)
OPCWOrganization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
OPG Oculoplethysmography
OPLCOptimum performance laminar chromatography (TLC/pressure)
OPLCOver-pressure liquid chromatography
OPM Office of Personnel Management
OPO Optical Parametric Oscillator
OPPTOffice of Pollution Prevention & Toxics (US EPA)
OPSOffice of Pharmaceutical Sciences (US FDA)
OPVOral poliomyelitis vaccine
OROperations Research
OROperating Room(surgery)
ORAOffice of Regional Affairs (US FDA)
ORD Optical Rotatory Dispersion
ORFOpen reading frame (molecular genetics)
Orn Ornithine
ORNLOak Ridge National Laboratories
OSOcula sinistra
OSA Optical Society of America
OSHA(US) Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OSR Oilseed rape(colza)
OSTPOffice of Science and Technology Policy
OSW Office of Solid Waste (US EPA)
OTA Office of Technology Assessment(US)
OTCOver the counter (drug that does not require prescription)
OTC Over The Counter (sales of pharmaceuticals, corporate stocks)
OTF Optical Transfer Function
OVGOberverwaltungsgericht/ Higher Administrative Court
OVI Organic Volatile Impurity

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