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Microbiology Glossary

Part 1
- German terms with English translations.

Part 2
- English terms and abbreviations with explanations.

Part 3 - Important usage notes for Translators.


Microbiology, and bacteriology in particular, is indeed a biological science. But because these microorganisms are so very small, and are usually observed by biochemical and physical methods, terminology is not very well covered by German-English biology dictionaries. On the other hand, because it is a biological science, it is not very well covered by German-English chemistry dictionaries, either.

In this glossary, I have attempted to present some microbiological (largely bacteriological) terminology to fill the gap between biology and chemistry. Because it is only an attempt to fill a gap, it does not approach complete coverage, and other dictionaries (of chemistry, in particular) will still be needed. The main body of the glossary lists German terms with (American) English translations relevant to microbiology. The second part explains some strictly English terms and abbreviations. Finally, there is a set of notes.

One special subject, genetic engineering, is not represented here. That is partly because I have not worked in that field and am not particularly familiar with its special terminology, and partly because many of the terms are the same, or nearly so, in German and English. I thank Per Dohler, who did essentially all the work on German grammar. Essentially the same glossary appears on Per's web site, www.triacom.com.

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