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Optical Microscopy

1. Resolution

2. Visability

3. Special Subjects

4. Glossary

5. References

Optical Microscopy - References for Translators


The most useful one, if you can find it, is Micro Memo, a small paperback published by the Swiss microscope manufacturer, Wild, in 1975. It has 135 pages of terms in English, French, German, and Spanish, with many drawings.

Bindmann, W.: Fachwörterbuch Optik und optischer Geratebau. Eng<>Ger. Berlin: Verlag Alexandre Hatier, 1992.

Mortimer Abramowitz:

Vol. I:      Microscopes - Basics and Beyond    ($5)
Vol. II:    Contrast methods in microscopy: Transmitted light    ($30)
Vol. III:   Reflected Light Microscopy - An Overview   ($5)
Vol. IV:   Fluorescence Microscopy, The Essentials   ($8)
Optics:   A Primer   ($3)
Olympus America Inc., Precision Instrument Division, 2 Corporate Center Drive, Melville NY 11747-3157. Attn: PID Sales Administration. (Include sales tax!) English only, but very well illustrated, with good examples of terminology.

J. G. Delley, Photography Through the Microscope. 1995.
Eastman Kodak Company Publication P-2, 7th Ed. 104 pages 8 x 11 inches, paperback, thoroughly illustrated, with detailed instructions. $25.95 plus shipping. Catalog No. E1528371; phone (800) 368-6257.

The Photonics Design & Applications Handbook (471 pages)
The Photonics Dictionary (156 pages 8" x 11")
These are books 3 and 4 of a set published by Laurin Publishing Co., Inc.,
P. O. Box 4949, Pittsfield MA 01202-4949; or, in England:
Photonics Directory, Chilberton House, 95 Doods Rd., Reigate, Surrey RH2 ONT.

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